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Wedding Photography – Photo vs Video coverage

Most of the couples usually choose the traditional photo coverage of their big day, however we are often asked about the differences between video and photo coverage of the wedding day.

Photographing the big day also known as Wedding Photography became a tradition long time ago, it provides the opportunity to capture the memories of the big day. Designed to capture a single moment a photo can take you back in time and remind you about the important moments of your past. Easy to share with others simply by showing your album or having your picture displayed in a frame it is the traditional way to keep memories long time with you. On the other hand, following the steps of evolution, technology have given us the opportunity to capture sound and motion and save it for future reference in time in the form of a video. Lengthwise can depend on your personal requirements as well as on its content. This is a great way to have a more detailed overview of your wedding. By preparing a storyboard of what you want to include you can have a small movie filmed about your wedding but also it can include comments, greetings and individual memories of your guests. It can take you back in time and show what exactly have happened during your wedding including motion, sound and picture. You can have your movie of all of your friends and family members and everyone can be part of it.

At ValPhotography we offer multi angle coverage that will capture key moments of your wedding from a variety of different perspectives and with the magic help of montage, you can actually be able to see your own wedding from the perspective of your guests, friends, and the film director. With great love for both photography and video we are here to help you make the right choice with our advice and our professional point of view, we can guarantee you the true unforgettable memories of your BIG day will be there for you.