Wedding Questions – FAQ

What are your packages/prices?
l prefer to customise packages to suit my clients wishes in terms of coverage or
album style. Every wedding is different and whether you wish to have me there to
photograph your entire day or iust a little part of it, l can arrange something for
you, One thing consistent ln every package is the inclusion of high resolution JPEG
files which means you‘ll receive every photograph professionally edited on disc so
you can make as many reprints and enlargements as you wish or. you can share
them with family and friends. To receive my packages in PDF form. please fill out
the contact form with your wedding details and t‘ll forward them on to you.

How many photographs do you normally take?
l get a little snap happy at weddings so you’ll find you end up with hundreds of
images that document your wedding day. l d0n‘t count images or limit the amount
per packade. it‘s all about what happens on the dav and usually. I can‘t help out
push the trigger button a lot. A typical all day wedding with coverage from getting
ready in the morning to vour first dance could see you receive anywhere from 300 to
500 prolessionaly edited images at high resolution on disc.

Do you travel outside of Austria?
Absolutely positively yes! l’m based in Austria but photograph weddings
throughout Europa and at various locations abroad each year too. A small travel
fee is added to your package if your wedding venue is located more than 100km
from my gallery however this charge is oniv to cover travel costs. there are no
additional surcharges for haying me photograph your wedding in an amazing place!
Once flights etc are worked out with you both l then lust add the price to your
chosen photography package. l love to travel and will go pretty much anywhere to
shoot a wedding so get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities.

How far in advance should we book you? 
Every year some dates fill up very quickly so it’s best to get in as early as possible
to ensure I`m available, l can still be available at the last minute at various times
throughout the year so feel free to get in touch whenever you’re ready to chat
about your wedding photography and we can plan it lrom there.
To secure my services for your wedding date l require 50% deposit along with my
booking agreement signed . It’s nice and simple.

What are you like on the day’?
l will photograph your wedding very discreetly so for most of the day, you won’t
even notice l’m there. To capture the photographs that show you both enioying the
I‘ moment. it‘s best that you don’t have a giant camera or flash in your lace and your
“Q family and friends will appreciate that l won‘t be blocking the aisle with a tripod
When it‘s time for family photographs I will politely take control to ensure it‘s done
nice and ouickly and for portrait photographs on the photo tour, l’ll find a bunch of
pretty places for you to both kiss. cuddle and enioy the fact you’ve lust got married
while l take various photographs.

I will never make the day feel like a photo shoot. The day is about you both
celebrating with family and friends. l’m iust there to document all the unscripted
moments and happiness.

“How much time should we allow for photographs’?
This is completely up to you and what you have planned for the day. To cover a few
special places within driving distance of your venue it can take anywhere from
30 mins to 2hrs but this of course all depends on sun set times which we can have a
little chat about to ensure we are working with the best light posible. lt’s always
best to allow at least half an hour after your ceremony to be congratulated by
family and friends too. I don’t vvant to wisk you away without petting a celebratory  cuddle from loved ones!

Do we need to prepare a list?
It puts your mind at ease, then you are welcome to do so. However. that‘s what
you‘re booking me for, to take away the worry and to capture your wedding from
start to tinish To be honest. lists stress me out a little and on a wedding day so
many things change and you’ll find your favourite photographs are the ones you
never would have thought to ask for.
For family photographs it can definitely be helpful to iot down which combinations of
family members you would like in each photograph to ensure we don‘t miss a photo
with therrl but apart from this. l‘ll be sure to photograph your wedding as it
happens. the kisses. cuddles and little laughs.

What happens if it rains?
Some of the best photographs l‘ve taken at weddings have been when the weather
isn’t amazing Incoming storm clouds make for gorgeous backdrops and rain can be
pretty fun to take photos in if you’re both up for a little chaltenge!
you will no doubt have a wet weather plan arranped with your venue/coordinator so
t lust need to be aware of this before the wedding day.
After your ceremony it’s my job to find places we can visit regardless of the
weather so l’ll be sure to have somewhere special in mind or can work with you both
to prepare a list if you also have a little place in mind!

Can you desion wedding albums’?
l sure can and absolutely love seeing wedding photographs printed in beautiful tine
art albums. I work with an album supplier in the US to create gorgeous books that
showcase your photographs with vibrant colours. museum ouality paces and
seamless page folds meaning your album will look like a coffee table book. There
are a number of sizes. page layouts, designs and style choices so we usually go
over this once you‘ve seen your images and then l get busy designing the pages.